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How to Choose Bakery Equipment


How to Choose Bakery Equipment

ColdTech Commercial sells bakery equipment in the US and Canada directly. How do you know what commercial refrigerator you need for your baker's kitchen? What features do you require for your baking equipment that meets food safety requirements and at the same time doesn't cost you lots of dough. How do you know what you "knead" to create your masterful cakes, breads, pies, cupcakes and pastries for your boulangerie?

  1. Space. How much space do you have for your bakery equipment? Do you have to move the refrigerator around? Are you limited in space? Ideally, a two door commercial refrigerator is the best option to hold your baking ingredients - it's on casters too, so you can move it where you need it. If you are limited on space there are undercounter refrigerators that allow you to use your counter space while still having refrigeration and having the fridge directly under the counter means you save time from trips around your kitchen, or lets you store your dough mixers and rollers, your fondant, or rolling pins on top of it utilizing the small space you have. It's also on casters. (Don't forget most refrigeration units have a few inch clearance when you measure. See coldtech's user guide for more info.)
  2. Time. Are you a small bakery with limited staff? Who wants to spend the time cleaning when you could be spending the time creating wonderful culinary cool pastries, petit fours and things that scintillate the taste buds while visually making your customers salivate? Get the right bakery fridge, where the door gaskets can be removed quickly and quickly popped back on. Stainless steel has sanitizing effects and is easily cleaned helping you pass safety inspections.
  3. Cost. Commercial refrigerators for bakeries can range in price, so know what you're getting. Look for Energy Star rated equipment because it will save you money your utility costs and is better for the environment. Saving a couple of hundred bucks on a unit will not pay off in the long run if it isn't Estar rated. Make sure you know what you're getting too. Are the digital displays on the outside of the fridge? Opening the door to check the temperature makes the compressor work harder and lets the cool air escape costing you money. Check to see if free shipping and warranty is included. If shipping isn't included it could cost you hundreds to have one delivered.
  4. Warranty & Service. What if something goes wrong? The eggs, cream and baking supplies cost you money and having your refrigeration down for long periods of time is exceedingly detrimental to your bakery and obviously your faithful customer base. Look for one of the best warranties in commercial refrigeration. You don't have to look far - it's us. Three years bumper to bumper and five years compressor warranty. But, what good is a warranty if it takes awhile to get your unit serviced? Call us toll free 1-855-241-3251 for service.
    • Features. Choosing the right features for your bakery equipment is important.
    • Shelves. How are the shelves affixed in your refrigerator? Pegs or sliders? Sliders are more durable and easier to use. How much weight can the shelves hold? Shelves should be able to hold up to 60kg/ 132.3lbs. Do they hold your baking trays, muffin tins, and patisserie pans? Also check to see how many shelves you get.
    • Casters. Is the commercial refrigerator on casters? Can you move it, if you need to?
    • Digital programmable displays - on the outside of the unit. Great for rush (or for that illustrious wedding cake you spent 5 hours baking and decorating) when you don't have to open the door to see the temperature. See if it also has an off switch. Sometimes, you just don't need to it and why waste energy or strength unplugging it.
    • Capacity. Check to make sure you're getting the largest gross capacity possible. The bigger the capacity the more you can store in your fridge.
    • Stainless steel. Durability over the long haul is very important, plus stainless steel fridge components are one of the items that are highly recyclable. Make sure it's the high grade kind, such as 300 series.

    These are the basic fundamentals when choosing the right bakery equipment for your patisserie. If you need to know more about ColdTech Commercial refrigeration please read our Spec Sheets or User Guides or simply email us or call us toll free 1-855-241-3251. Happy Baking!

    P.S. Send our editor pictures of your latest creations and we'll post on our website or in our newsletter with full credit to you and your bakery. We're always looking for talent to showcase. Email now.

    P.P.S.  Why is commercial refrigeration not spelled commercial refridgeration?