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How to Choose Bar Equipment


How to Choose Bar Equipment

Opening a bar and choosing the right functional bar equipment is of the utmost importance to your success. Successful bars have the right mix of usability and friendly staff to get drinks to the customers quickly with a smile. You should be concentrating on running your bar business and not on bar equipment. So, here's a quick list of what you should be looking for before stocking your bar.

  1. How much space do you have behind the bar to hold limes, lemons, cream, bar supplies and restock? Is there enough room for staff to make drinks and serve the whole length of the bar without tripping over each other? Is space limited? One of the best bar equipment items to purchase if space is an issue is the undercounter refrigerator. They are compact, but have a large capacity and shelves. One or two door commercial fridges are good too if you have the space.
  2. Durability. High grade, 300 series, stainless steel commercial refrigerators look great, are long lasting and can help you with food safety since the surface is sanitary and easy to clean. Make sure your model is stainless steel inside and out.
    • ColdTech Commercial's solid door, stainless steel refrigerators, freezers & prep tables.
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  3. Casters: You can prep it in the back and roll it into your bar at busy times.
  4. Warranty: ColdTech Commercial has one of the best warranties in commercial refrigeration so you don't need to worry. 3 years bumper to bumper and 5 years on the compressor. Plus, you can call us directly at 3am, after last call, to get service. We know you don't just work business hours.
  5. External digital displays: The outside of all your bar refrigeration should have a programmable digital display so you don't have to open the door and use up power. Plus, you can always check the temperature with one glance.
  6. Food Safety: Stainless steel is a sanitary surface, but what's great about our commercial refrigeration units is the door gaskets come off easily in one piece and pop back in, in seconds.
  7. Saving operating costs and helping the environment. ColdTech Commercial units are Energy Star rated meaning you save money in electricity bills and help the environment. One thing to note is that most of a stainless steel refrigerator can be recycled. Check to see where the closest place for your bar equipment and waste is to be recycled.
  8. Bottom mounted compressors: Bottom mounted compressors in commercial refrigeration are good because you don't need a ladder to clean the coils. The chances of accidents are minimized.
  9. Shelves: check to see how many shelves come with your refrigeration unit and see how much they can hold.

Bar equipment can be a large purchase from the on-set. I can't stress enough that buying the right piece of commercial refrigeration is important for your bottom line. Warranty is important and servicing the warranty is important. If you have any questions please call us directly toll-free 1-855-241-3251 or email us at

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