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Catering Equipment


How to Choose Catering Equipment

Catering equipment needs to be versatile and robust. Choosing the right catering equipment can help you with your catering business in the long run. Stainless steel is robust and energy star ratings are important when choosing your catering refrigerators, but so are the casters and the shelving. Your catered events are all different and you need the versatility to provide your guests with what they ask for and to keep things cool because as we all know presentation is almost everything in food service. Here are a few things to consider when looking for catering equipment appliances:

  1. How much space do you have and is your commercial kitchen designed for versatility? Is it better to have one door and two door commercial fridges than a three door fridge? One and two doors are useful when you have small groups to cater for and also can be rolled on casters to two separate prep areas or back of house for ease for the waitstaff.
  2. Shelves: making sure the shelving will hold at least 60 kg/132.2lbs and that you can move the shelves easily. There are generally two options with commercial fridges - shelf clips and sliders. Sliders are the favorite because you know the shelf isn't going to fall down in one corner. Plus, check out the capacity of the "cabinet" (the inside usable area).
  3. Warranty. Cover yourself with one of the best warranties in commercial refrigeration. ColdTech Commercial has 3 years bumper to bumper and 5 year compressor warranty. You're covered and the best part? Call us directly day or night for service or questions toll-free 1-855-241-3251. No middle man, no having to wait business hours. Catering events aren't just business hours and neither are we. We're here to help.
  4. Cost. Saving money is important when you're buying catering equipment. Take into consideration the cost of running your fridge and when it's at end of life, can you recoup some of the cost in recycling it? ColdTech Commercial products are Energy Star rated, and are made of high grade, 300 series, stainless steel (interiors and exteriors) and the good news is most of the fridge is recyclable.
  5. Digital. External, programmable digital displays are a huge benefit. You can see exactly what temperature your catering fridge is without having to keep opening the door and changing the temperature while you're at it. We all know hors d'oeuvres look fantastic until they've been sitting. This way you know the temperature before sticking them in the fridge and they will look the way you want them.
  6. Food safety. The health inspectors love stainless steel products because of it's natural sanitary benefits. Cleaning the fridge is easy and the door gaskets (the seal) easily pop off and pop back in (some commercial fridges you have to clean in place - scrub brush and all).

There is a lot more you can learn about purchasing catering equipment - but these are the quick fundamentals that affect not only your bottom line, but your working style. Who knew catering commercial refrigeration could be this Culinary Cool?