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ColdTech Commercial Launches Its Restaurant Refrigeration Product Line-Up Exclusively Online -Proving That It is Coldly Going Where No One Has Before

Massachusetts, Aug 3--(PRWeb) -- ColdTech Commercial is not frozen in the past; it is the first North American commercial refrigeration company to launch its product line exclusively online. The friendly, service-driven company is an active part of the social media and food service community. Launching online allows ColdTech Commercial to have a great product and the longest warranty in commercial refrigeration. It passes direct value to customers while allowing the company to really get to know its customers.

General Manager, Dominic Dotto says this "go-to-market strategy" is new in the commercial appliance industry, "Technology and social media have changed the restaurant industry by making the success of a restaurant 'Word of Virtual Mouth.' Service, value and end-product have become transparent and we are on board with letting our existing customers WOVM our potential customers. Research shows customers shop, leave comments in food service communities and read product reviews online before deciding to purchase. Historically, they would have to source the item during business hours. We know chefs and restaurant owners don't work business hours, so neither do we, you can speak to a real person 24/7/365 or shop online and in a few of clicks you're done."

Dotto says, "If you can order your meals using an iPad then we also need technology as a business strategy. We are all over social media, from our own Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In to participating in the restaurant communities' social media - we know what's going on in the industry as a whole. We love transparency - we want to know what challenges small, mid-size and large businesses face and we will be there to help, plus we hope the food service community will help us innovate by understanding and acting upon its needs."

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About ColdTech Commercial:

ColdTech Commercial is a Culinary Cool, North American commercial refrigeration company servicing the restaurant and food service community from its online store From prep tables to fridges and freezers, ColdTech Commercial has the best warranty in commercial refrigeration. It is a member of the National Restaurant Association and Canadian Restaurant and Food Service Association.


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