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Commercial Refridgeration Makes Sense...


It’ s quite easy to spell commercial refridgeration wrong since the short form for refrigerator is fridge. However, for some strange reason the English language often throws us for a loop and comes up with something that’ s a little confusing. Therefore, the correct spelling is actually commercial refrigeration, which is always good to remember in case you’ re ever involved in a spelling bee. 

Now the English lesson’ s out of the way we can get down to the interesting stuff. Commercial refrigeration is often taken for granted, but it’ s essential in today’ s society since the restaurant and food service industry is one of the most popular and depended-upon across the world.

Many restaurateurs, sorry, but we need to stop for another lesson regarding common mistakes. Yes, the word is actually spelled restaurateur rather than resauranter as there’ s no ‘ n’ in it. We can thank the French language for that one since it’ s their word. Anyway, most restaurant owners start out by trying to purchase kitchen equipment at the best price available, which is always a good idea.

However, when it comes to getting a good refrigeration system they’ re usually faced with the decision of buying a new or used model.Some restaurants prefer the rental system since they usually don’ t have to cover the repair costs. But after paying rent on a unit  the money spent could  buy a new commercial fridge, with a new warranty. It’ s possible there could be a repair issue, but with routine preventative maintenance the odds are usually pretty low. In the long run, renting a restaurant refrigerator typically costs more than buying new ones even if repair costs are taken care of by the rental company.

When it comes to buying a used model, it may be a costlier option. While buying used pots, pans and utensils can be a good idea since there’ s virtually nothing that can break down, the fridge is a completely different animal. The main reason is because fridges come with working electrical parts and the most important part of all is the compressor. And there’ s no accurate way to predict how much life it has left in it.

You won’ t be able to tell if the compressor has been properly taken care of by the previous owner. When the unit’ s condenser gets dirty the compressor will overheat and the oil begins to break down. This may lead to problems in the future even if the compressor overheats. Also, if a commercial refrigeration unit operates with a frozen evaporator, the motor operates with no lubrication and it can cause the compressor to fail. These are just a couple of ways compressors can be damaged and unless you have x-ray vision buying a used fridge can be a costly gamble.

If you’ re looking at used commercial equipment it’ s a good idea to compare the price to a new unit and consider the fact you don’ t have to pay for repairs for new models while they’ re under warranty.  ColdTech Commercial has in commercial refrigeration or commercial refridgeration - the way it should be spelled.