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Commercial Sandwich Tables


How to Choose Commercial Sandwich Tables

Ease of use is the number one thing you should be looking for when purchasing commercial sandwich tables. The faster you can prep sandwiches, subs and salads the more money you can make and the happier your customers will be. ColdTech Commercial's salad and sandwich prep tables, and salad and sandwich prep tables, and salad and sandwich prep tables, and salad and sandwich prep tables, and pizza prep tables for that matter, are designed with usability in mind. Plus the sandwich tables have stainless steel pans not plastic, for durability and food safety.

  1. The functionality of sandwich prep tables. Chefs, cooks, sous chefs and line staff need to be able to move quickly when prepping sandwiches, subs or adding bits of flair to that culinary masterpiece. ColdTech Commercial Prep Tables are designed to work with you. The undercounter refrigerator in the prep table stores back-up product for a quick change, the stainless steel pans are easy to remove and replace and way easier to clean than plastic. The sandwich table is designed to hold different sizes and depths of pans.
  2. Cutting board. Commercial sandwich tables should have a good size cutting board with adequate depth, that is easy to remove to clean.
  3. Extra storage. Sandwich prep tables should have extra refrigerated storage for your items which need to be swopped out in a rush. Inside shelving keeps things separate.
  4. Warranty. Your restaurant's bottom line is important. Make sure you get a commercial sandwich table with one of the best warranties in commercial refrigeration to ensure peace of mind. Luckily, you've come to the right place. Our warranty is 3 years bumper to bumper and 5 years compressor.
  5. Service. What's a great commercial refrigeration warranty without great service? We know you don't work business hours so call us directly day or night - even while you're watching the proverbial pot boil. No middle people. Just us. Right now.
  6. Stainless steel. Health food inspectors love to see high grade, stainless steel interiors and exteriors. With its sanitary and easy to clean properties it keeps side duty labor to a minimum too.
  7. Door gaskets. What's a gasket? It's the seal between the fridge cabinet and the doors. The sandwich prep table and all of the ColdTech Commercial line-up feature door gaskets that pop out and pop back in easily. No slaving with a scrub brush at the units.
  8. Digital displays. You can see the temperature of your unit from the outside which reduces electricity for your business because the compressor doesn't have to work harder, and lose cool, from opening the door. The other really important thing for prep tables is the on/off switch on the front. If you have to unplug it then it could be more of a health and safety risk. Plus, with ColdTech models you can see the digital display if the prep table is on or off at a glance.
  9. Stylish sandwich table. The robust, clean-lined ColdTech Commercial line-up stands proudly in any restaurant or food service establishment. Chef's love it. Watch the video of Chef, Shawn Monaghan of 2Spoons Catering show the prep table features he loves about our products.

I cannot reiterate enough how important function is when using a sandwich prep table, especially considering food safety guidelines. Get the right prep table and get one of the best warranties in commercial refrigeration and you've purchased right and have peace of mind. Call us or email us directly if you have any questions or toll free (and talk to a real person) @ 1-855-241-3251.