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Shipping Policy


Shipping Charges

Our shipping charges are devised within our system based on the product, quantity, total weight, delivery address and delivery option selected.

ColdTech Commercial offers a $75** delivery fee (Silver Delivery) as indicated. This offer pertains to the 48 Continental States and most of Canada. Expedited shipping, Diamond Delivery, shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, the Yukon, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, Newfoundland, Labrador, PEI or any delivery location requiring transport by boat and/or plane, winter roads as well as rural/remote geographical locations will incur additional charges. We do not currently offer the $75 Silver Delivery option to the Major US Protectorates (American Samoa, Guam, US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico), PO Boxes, APO’ s (Air/Army Post office) or FPO’ s (Fleet Post Office). If you are unsure if your location is considered a rural/remote geographical location, please call/email our Inside Sales Team (1-855-241-3251 option 1, )

International Shipping/Export Orders

We can ship outside of the United States and Canada. If you are a freight forwarder or an export customer, we can work with you and your team on shipping a ColdTech Commercial order. Please call our Inside Sales Team (1-855-241-3251) to set up export orders/deliveries.

Silver Delivery/Curbside Delivery:

This delivery option includes the following services:

  • Curbside delivery
  • Your order will be unloaded from the truck and offloaded onto your receiving dock or to your business entrance.
  • Delivery truck with lift-gate (A lift-gate will lower the goods from the truck to the ground if required.)

Diamond Delivery:

This delivery option includes ALL of the above Silver Delivery/Standard Delivery options PLUS:

  • A minimum two person delivery team
  • Your order will be delivered inside your building, to the room of your choice.
  • All openings must be measured by the purchasing customer prior to delivery to ensure the unit will fit through all doorways/stairways/counters/hallways, etc.
  • Removal and disposal of all packaging materials, skid/wood associated with the unit(s)

Diamond Delivery charges are additional to the Silver Delivery/Standard Delivery charges.
Each ColdTech Commercial unit is built and secured onto a skid at time of delivery. (The skid is not removed with the Silver Delivery/Standard Delivery package.)

**Applicable taxes apply to all delivery fees.  All taxes will reimbursed upon ColdTech Commercial’ s receipt of a valid State, Country, or Provincial tax exemption certificate/form.

Receiving Instructions

ColdTech Commercial will not be liable for any delay that is due to causes beyond our control without limitations, weather related and other uncontrollable shipping delays.

For deliveries, the customer/delivery location is responsible to follow these certain instructions prior to signing the Bill of Lading from the delivery driver. ColdTech Commercial will not be responsible for orders that are not fully inspected per our instructions.

Please find other receiving suggestions below to assist in a smooth delivery:

  • Please plan to be present and available at the appointed time to receive your delivery. Fees may be incurred if you or a member of your company is not present to receive the delivery.
  • If you know ahead of time that you will require more than 30 minutes to complete receipt, please let our delivery agent know when they call to book the delivery.
  • Delivery up or down more than two standard flights of stairs will incur an additional charge. (A standard flight of stairs consists of twelve steps.)
  • Doorways, counter heights, hallways, stairways, product placement location and path to location must be measured ahead of time to be sure equipment will fit properly.
  • Be sure to have the space cleared and ready for the equipment to be placed when the delivery arrives. The delivery personnel are NOT permitted to remove or haul away old/existing equipment.

In the event that your delivery requires more time and effort, additional charges and fees may apply. Call our Inside Sales Team at 1-855-241-3251 for more information.

  • Silver Delivery/Standard Delivery: Silver Delivery, also known as curbside delivery, involves the delivery driver pulling the truck to the curb of your business or receiving dock. The driver will remove the item from the truck onto your loading dock or in front of your business via lift gate.
  • Diamond Delivery/White Glove Delivery: If you have chosen and paid for Diamond Delivery, then you are allotted a minimum two person delivery team. Your merchandise will be unloaded from the truck, brought to the room of your choice and uncrated/unboxed. Removal and disposal of packaging/debris is also included. If you require more time or labour, or have specific needs in regards to your delivery, additional fees may apply.

Check and inspect before you accept!

  • Shortages: The first step should be to inspect all packages to ensure you have received the exact quantity of items that you ordered. If there are any shortages, you are responsible to note any shortages on the Bill of Lading while the delivery driver is physically present.
  • You are responsible to inspect all of the packages and the equipment/products inside of the packaging at the time of delivery. If you decide to wait to inspect the packaging or unpack any of the items in the shipment after the driver has left, you will be responsible for any damages that are either in plain sight on the outside of the packaging, or if there are concealed damages that are not obvious until you unpack the items.
  • If you find any significant damage, please call our Inside Sales Team at 1-855-241-3251


Charges may apply for additional services, and fees will be incurred for missed appointments or refusals. Below is a list of our add-on services or possible circumstances that could prompt additional charges:

  • Additional Time: Additional time will incur a fee of $24.00 for every 15 minute increment.
  • Additional Labour: Additional labour will incur a fee of $36.00 per hour per man, subject to a $60.00 minimum charge.
  • Assembly: Light assembly is inclusive if it can be completed within the given 30 minutes. If not, there is an additional $24.00 charged for every 15 minute increment past the initial 30 minutes. Light assembly may involve levelling equipment or re-installing casters.
  • Stair Carry: Carrying an item up the stairs is inclusive when no more than two flights of 12 stairs each are involved. There is a fee of $10.00 per flight after first two flights of stairs.
  • Long Carry: Should the merchandise need to be carried down a long hallway or for a long distance, a fee of $30.00 per additional 15 minutes, after the 1st 30 minutes.
  • Wait Time: A fee of $24.00 per 15 minute increment will be incurred if the delivery driver needs to wait on the customer.
  • Attempt: If the customer is not present at time of delivery, the redelivery fee is $75.00.
  • Reimbursable Expenses: Reimbursable expenses will be charged at cost (ferries, bridges, tolls where applicable).
  • Storage: Fees will apply after 24hrs of storage (Fees will be based on space and duration of storage time.)
  • Weekend/Holiday Delivery: Fees will apply to deliveries outside of the standard Monday-Friday 8-5pm

Damage Policy

  • If any of your order is damaged, note the damage on the bill of lading while the driver is there. Please be as specific as possible when noting damage. This is crucial in distinguishing if the damage is on the outside of the packaging or if it is on the actual unit. Always take photos of any damage that has occurred to be prepared for an inspection from the freight carrier.
  • You must contact our Inside Sales Team at 1-855-241-3251 immediately, while the carrier is present to report any form of damages. Our team will instruct you on how to proceed with reporting the damages. If there is a possibility of minor repairs or “ cosmetic” damages, Inside Sales may be able to assist with ordering replacement parts, if applicable. Please have your order information (Customer ID/order number/reference #/PO#) available so that we can assist you as quickly as possible.
  • Concealed Damage: If there is damage to the item and not the outside packaging, this is considered concealed damage. If the driver has already left your delivery location, the freight carrier has no evidence that the item was harmed while in their possession. If any damage is discovered, you must keep the original outer packaging as well as inner packaging. Concealed Damage must be reported immediately.
  • If you sign your name on the freight bill without noting any damages, then you are stating that you have received your order/shipment free and clear of damages. Once this has occurred, there is no possibility of filing a freight claim, and there will be no reimbursement of freight charges, order costs or any other charges incurred by you from ColdTech Commercial. Once you have signed the Bill of Lading that your shipment arrived in acceptable condition, the item(s) belong to you.

Refused Shipments & Unauthorized Returns

You will be responsible for the cost of the roundtrip shipping /handling and applicable fees and a minimum 20% re-stocking fee for shipments that are refused for any reason other than the shipment was damaged in transit (not applicable to items damaged in storage) or if the shipping error was made by ColdTech Commercial.

Please contact Inside Sales Team at 1-855-241-3251 by the end of the business day to report a refusal

Redelivery/Storage Fees

  • If the carrier attempts delivery and is unable to deliver for reasons that are within your control, redelivery fees may apply.
  • If the carrier attempts delivery with no acknowledgement from the recipient, the goods will be returned to the manufacturer. Return shipping charges will be your responsibility and will need to be paid in full before redelivery is attempted.
  • In the event you have the carrier hold your order for any amount of time other than the standard transit time, the carrier reserves the right to bill the customer storage fees directly. If the carrier bills these fees to ColdTech Commercial, we reserve the right to bill those charges back to you. (Storage is considered any time after 24hrs of the 1st attempted delivery.) The purchasing customer will also be responsible for damages that may happen during storage.

Cancelled Orders

If you decide to cancel any part of your order AFTER it has been shipped, please note that you will be responsible for the full amount of roundtrip shipping and handling charges, plus the applicable 20% restocking as well as any potential repair fees.

  • Custom & Export Orders
    • If you have placed an order for a custom or export order, it may be cancelled only before it enters the production period at the factory. After the special order has entered the production period, you will be responsible for the shipping costs and order amount, and you will not be entitled to any refunds, credits or exchanges.

Amended Apr.10.2013