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Restaurant Refrigerator - Stainless Steel, Solid One Door


One Door, Stainless Steel Solid Door Commercial Refrigerator Model CRR229-1


All ColdTech Commercial fridges boast stainless steel interiors and exteriors for heavy-duty dependability and healthy food safety to help protect the restaurant and food service industry. All of our commercial fridges and freezers have digital displays on the outside for ease of use and dependability. Our 3 year bumper to bumper warranty and 5 year compressor warranty is one of the best in the commercial refrigeration industry.

  • Energy Star Rated
  • Large gross capacity of 23 cubic feet/ 650 L 
  • High quality, 300 series stainless steel interiors and exteriors
  • Digital display
  • On & off button

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Stainless Steel One Door, Commercial Restaurant Refrigerator

ColdTech Commercial’s restaurant equipment product line has one of the best warranties in commercial refrigeration.  We believe in our products and our business is built around you, the customer.  You can talk to us directly at any hour of the day.  We know you don’t just work business hours and we want to make your life easier while still providing high performance commercial refrigeration products at a great value. 

Our one door commercial refrigerator is designed to have large cubic footage to ensure you get valuable space inside the fridge.  At 23 cubic feet this stainless steel one door model really has a lot of valuable features to help you save money and do what you do best – creating culinary masterpieces for your customers.

  • Solid, durable, one door, high grade, 300 series, stainless steel interior & exterior (except backs) providing commercial kitchens with a long-lasting, easy to clean refrigerator.
  • Digital temperature controls on the outside of the unit for easy programming.
    • 1° C to 6° C/33° F to 43° F
  • The ColdTech Commercial Warranty: 3 years bumper-to-bumper & a total of 5 years warranty on the compressor. 
  • Call ColdTech Commercial directly for service. It’s one of the best warranties in commercial refrigeration.
  • We make it easy. Recessed door handles for easy cleaning, bottom-mounted compressor for easy access, auto-defrost, & free standing with four, black casters for easy moving.
  • Energy Star rated to help maximize your energy and dollar savings.
  • Three movable, plastic coated, steel shelves holding up to 80 kg/176.4 lbs each and internal incandescent lighting.
  • Large gross capacity of 23 cubic feet/ 650L to get the maximum amount of refrigeration per cabinet size.
  • Ventilated cooling system.
  • North American standard safety & sanitation.
  • Stainless steel drip tray under the evaporator.
  • Net weight 144 kg/317.5 lbs 
  • Gross weight 161 kg/354.9 lbs
  • Efficient condenser and evaporator made from copper piping with aluminum fin for faster cooling and superior efficiency
  • Bottom mounted sealed systems for cooler operating environment allowing your compressor to work less to keep consistent cool.
  • Housing and liner material are durable, food safety friendly, high quality, 300 series stainless steel.

Visit our Spec Sheets & User Guides page for downloadable copies


  • Voltage: 115 volts/20 amp circuit
  • Amperage: 7.4 amps/338 W
  • Compressor Power: 418 W
  • Energy Consumption:2.24 kw.h/24 h
  • Free Standing
  • Gross Capacity: 23 Cubic feet / 650 L
  • Refrigerant Type: CFC Free R134a
  • Blowing Agent: CFC Free polyurethane
  • Temperature Range:
    • 1° C to 6° C
    • 33° F to 43° F
  • Thermostat/Temperature Display: Digital
  • Doors: self closing, recessed handles, 300 series stainless steel
  • Shelving: Plastic coated steel holds up to 80 kg/176.4 lbs
  • Interior lighting: 1 incandescent yellow bulb
  • Casters: 4
  • Cord Length: 112 3/16 in/2850 mm
  • Plug Type: 5-15P
  • Unit Dimensions (W x H x D):
    • 736 mm x 2095 mm x 818 mm
    • 29 in x 82 1/2 in x 32 3/16 in
  • Carton Dimensions (W x H x D):
    • 800 mm x 2140 mm x 880 mm
    • 31 1/2 in x 84 1/4 in x 34 5/8 in
  • Shipping Cube: 54.03 cu.ft/1.53cbm
  • Net Weight: 144 kg /317.5 lbs
  • Gross Weight: 161 kg /354.9 lbs

Specifications subject to change without notice.

  • A    Unit height: 82 1/2” / 2095 mm
  • B    Unit width: 29” / 736 mm
  • C    Unit Depth: 32 3/16” / 818 mm


  • This unit is extremely heavy. Do not attempt to move it by yourself. Doing so could result in personal injury or/and unit damage.
  • When moving the product, please allow an additional 3 inch clearance at each side to avoid damage or injury.
  • Measure your doorways prior to purchasing to ensure your new product will have a safe and happy journey into it’s new home.
  • Check the caster wheels to make sure they are in the proper position for moving or locking into place.

No Issues so far!

by Joe C. on 7/27/2012 8:44:09 AM

No complaints so far. Company was friendly, delivery guys were friendly. Fridge is a good, solid unit. I would love to have the matching freezer.

Best Product Ever

by RefrigeratorMan on 7/22/2011 9:42:47 AM

I think the whole experience with ColdTech was outstanding!

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ColdTech Commercial Product Warranty
Full Three Year Parts & Labor Warranty, plus an Extra Two Year Warranty on Compressors

Full Three Years Parts & Labor Warranty
When you purchase a ColdTech Commercial product from us, we provide a 36 month comprehensive warranty for parts and labor under normal, proper use and maintenance service, with proper installation and start-up, in accordance with the ColdTech Commercial User Guide. 

Our warranty begins the day the item is shipped and the warranty lasts for 36 months.  It is limited to parts and replacement and will include standard labor charges and reasonable travel time to your establishment, as determined by ColdTech Commercial. 

Additional 24 Month Compressor Warranty
In addition to the full 36 month parts and labor warranty, we provide an additional 24 month warranty on your ColdTech Commercial original compressor under normal and proper use and maintenance service, with proper installation and start-up. It is limited to parts and replacement and will include standard labor charges and reasonable travel time to your establishment, as determined by ColdTech Commercial. 

This part of the warranty covers your Compressor for a total of 60 months from the day of shipping.  At our option, your compressor can be either repaired or replaced with parts of a similar design and capacity.  This 24 month extended warranty applies only to the compressor and does not apply to any other parts or components.

Please note:  the Compressor Warranty will not be valid if you do not maintain and service your unit in accordance with the Cold Tech Commercial User Guide.  For example the lubricant must be replaced over a period of time.  If it is not replaced then the warranty will be voided.  (If you’re unsure when it should be replaced please contact us directly or go online to read the user guide by model.)

How to Claim Your Warranty
All claims for labor and/or parts must be made directly through ColdTech Commercial before starting any work. The warranty must be performed by an Authorized Service Center. You must provide us with: the model number of the unit, the serial number of the cabinet, proof of purchase, the installation date, and all pertinent information supporting the existence of an alleged defect.  In the case of warranty compressor, the compressor model tag must be returned to ColdTech Commercial along with above listed information.

Call Us to Get Started:  1 – 855-241-3251

Please note:  When you order from ColdTech Commercial we have your warranty information - no warranty card is issued.

ColdTech Commercial’s sole obligation under this warranty is limited to either repair or replacement of parts, subject to these additional limitations. Consumable parts are not included in your ColdTech Commercial Warranty such as:  refrigerant, light bulbs and pans.
The warranty is voided if the unit isn’t installed or maintained as per the ColdTech Commercial User Guide for the specific model or if the unit is misused in any way. Coldtech Commercial is not responsible for consequential damages including any direct or indirect economic loss, including losses or damages arising from food or product spoilage.  This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser at the original location the ColdTech Commercial unit was delivered. ColdTech Commercial is not liable for parts or labor coverage for component failure or other damages resulting from installation in non-commercial or residential applications, alteration, neglect, abuse, misuse, accident, damage during  transit or installation, fire, flood, or acts of God.  We are not responsible for repair or replacement of failed or damaged parts resulting from electrical power failure, extension cord use, low voltage or voltage drops to the system.  Please refer to the online user guide, or the user guide that came with your unit for the correct installation.  OUTSIDE the USA and CANADA: This warranty does not apply and ColdTech Commercial is not responsible for, any warranty claims made on products sold or used outside the USA and Canada. Product can only be serviced in the country that it was purchased.