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What Do Twitter, Earthquakes, & the Restaurant Community Have in Common?

@ChefPaul10 was right. He predicted that it was coming. Not the Earthquake, but the aftermath. That there would be restaurants having parties after finding out that the earthquake today was minor.

In less than an hour, restaurants in the Twittersphere were announcing earthquake parties with clever offers and other restaurants were reaching out to make sure everyone was safe. @BBQNYC they offered 20% milk “shakes” and “50% off shaken drinks.” Absolutely brilliant marketing that went completely viral to their 5,886 followers and to their follower’s followers and so on. 

Then there was @EarlsRestaurant who sent out some Tweet-love, “We hope our friends and families in Toronto and Denver are all doing alright after the earthquakes this morning. <3.”

Then there were the light-hearted reactionary ones @FohBohGal says, “5.9? That’s what us Californians use to stir our coffee with.”

Proof again the restaurant community is smart, creative and friendly - as @DLKoebrich says, “it’s called cutting edge. They are the tip of the spear.”

And as quickly as the earthquake came and left so did the Restaurant communities  tweets they went back to normal…an hour later the Twittersphere returned to discussing @glutenfreegirl #afundforJennie, Making Chinese Beef Stir-Fry @denverfoodguy , and so much more.


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